Hybrid Design Wordpress Hosting Package

The Ultimate Wordpress Hosting, Maintenance & Performance Package!

This is the PERFECT full service hosting, security, maintenance and performance package for your small business WordPress website. This package includes Hosting, 24/7 Security, Scheduled Off-Site Backups, Basic SEO & Performance enhancements.

What's Included in Total Wordpress Package:

WordPress Hosting | Maintenance & Security | SEO & Social Optimization

WordPress Cloud Hosting

High Speed Cloud Hosting for WordPress Sites

Host your Wordpress Site on a Vultr Cloud Server Provided by CloudWays Next-Generation Cloud Hosting Platform. Set up and Managed by Hybrid Design, we'll have your cloud server up and running in no time, and will assist you with all the necessary details to point your Domain to your new server. Also includes free transfer of one website.

  • 2GB Vultr Cloud Server

    We’ll start you off with a 2GB Ram, 40GB SSD Disk, 2TB Transfer, 1 Core Vultr Cloud Server. Several Locations to choose from to make sure your server is as close as possible to your clientele. Learn More About CloudWays

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    A Must for SEO. By setting up CDN for your Application, you can speed up delivery of static resources for your Application, and make your Application load faster. 25GB per application. Additional consumption will cost $0.04 per GB

  • Multiple Sites & Scalability*

    If you have several small sites, it’s more than fine to put them all on the same server*. It is very easy to scale up to a larger server should your site(s) need it. We will let you know when the time has come to think about upgrading to the next level.

  • Up to 5 Email Accounts

    We will set you up with up to 5 Email accounts for your domain. We use RackSpace as our email hosting provider. Learn More About Rackspace Email Hosting

  • SSL Certificate

    If you want Google to take you seriously, you NEED to have a SSL Certificate for your website. Also, it helps provide a sense of security to website visitors.

  • EZ Transfer

    Should you ever decided that you want to take your server under your own Cloudways Account, it’s very simple to transfer at any time.

*The Maintenance and Security portion of this package is only for 1 site. Addition sites may be added for $50/site

Maintenance & Security

Highly Recommended for Any & All WordPress Sites

WordPress is an extremely useful resource when implemented effectively. But, like most things in life, without the proper maintenance and upkeep, it can be hindered and its efficacy greatly reduced. A careful eye must be kept on the introduction of malware, which can wreak havoc on your site, and if you don't have the proper backups in place, could mean hours, if not days, spent rebuilding your site to its former glory. - Click to Read Our Blog Article to Learn More

  • Full Off-Site Backups

    Your Site will be backed up on a regular schedule to our DropBox account. Full Site & Database backups just in case disaster strikes.

  • Malware Scanner

    Monitor and keep your site malware-free and prevent hacks. Read about the Dangers of Malware

  • Uptime Monitor

    We’ll be the first to know when your site is down, and get it back up ASAP. Learn why monitoring Uptime is beneficial to you.

  • Broken Link Checker

    We’ll find broken links in your WordPress site and rectify them.

  • Update Alerts & Auto Updating

    We will know right away when the WordPress Core, your Theme, or a Plugin needs to be updated. We will then update your site for you, keeping your site more secure.

  • Staging Server

    Before we update your WordPress Core, Theme, & Plug-ins, we will run the updates on our Staging Server to make sure nothing breaks your live website or causes havoc.

  • WP Optimization

    Keep your WordPress site fast, efficient and clutter free.

  • Detailed Reports

    Get monthly details reports of everything done on your website protection plan. View a Sample Report

*The Maintenance and Security portion of this package is only for 1 site. Addition sites may be added for $50/site

SEO & Social Optimization

Make Google Happy & Look Great on Social Media Platforms.
  • Image Compression

    Make sure your site’s images are all compressed is essential for good page speed and SEO. We will make sure all your images get compressed.

*The Yoast SEO Plugin optimization is only for up to 5 pages. Addition pages may be added for $15/page

All the Above Services for Only $125 USD / month!

$500 / 6 MONTHS
$900 / YEAR
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A La Carte WordPress Services

Our Individual Services for Clients Not Wanting the Full Package Above.

Maintenance & Security

Help Keep Your WordPress Site Secure.

Everything Included in the above maintenance and security portion of the Full package.

$75 USD / month

Per Site
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Security Audit

Find Out How to Better Secure Your Site.

We will run a full security audit on your website before implementing our Maintenance & Security Package.

$250 USD

Includes 1 Month of Maintenance & Security Package.
$65 USD / Month thereafter
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Site Cleanse

Get Your ALREADY Infected Site Cleansed & Back to Secure.

If you have had the misfortune of already being hacked & your site is infected, get it cleansed and secured.

$250 USD

Includes 1 Month of Maintenance & Security Package.
$65 USD / Month thereafter
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Wordpress Hosting

We host all our sites with Cloudways Hosting

We host all of our site with Cloudways Hosting on Vultr Servers and recommend you do too. However, they offer many other hosting options to fit your budget & website's requirements. We deal with the Server Techs so you don't have to.

If you feel comfortable dealing with Server Techs on your own (they are very friendly) please head over to Cloudways and set up your own personal account.

Starting at $15 USD / month

1 GB RAM | 25 GB SSD Disk | 1 TB Transfer | 1 Core Processor
$25 Migration Fee for Existing Wordpress Sites.
We provide free hosting while your web site is being developed, which will then be transferred to your own server upon completion at no cost.

Wordpress Site Translation

English Translation to Most Other Languages using the Industry Standard Plugin WPML

Working with professional translators, we will install the industry standard translation plug-in, WPML, and translate your website or webpages from English to most other languages. Learn About Wordpress Website Translations using WPML

Starting at $300 USD

Includes the WPML Plug-in & Lifetime Plug-in Updates
English to one other language

Basic SEO & Social Optimization

Make your pages Google Friendly and look professional on Facebook & Twitter

Basic Seo

Make Google Happy

We'll set up your individual page titles and descriptions in the format that Google appreciates. This will help improve your SEO rankings & display your results in clear and professional manner, resulting in more clicks.

Facebook Optimization

We'll crop and save your images at the correct ratio and add informative text so that when you or someone else shares your page on Facebook they look professional, creating more engagement.

Twitter Optimization

We'll crop and save your images at the correct ratio and add informative text so that when you or someone else shares your page on Twitter they look professional, creating more engagement.

$60 USD / page

$65 / Page with Adobe Stock Photo
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