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Wordpress Site Translation
WordPress Website Language Translation

Wordpress site translation using WPML

Research shows that people tend to conduct business with an organization and/or people who speak their own language.

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The Benefits of Site Translation to Other Languages

With e-commerce and digital marketing becoming a global phenomenon, if your website is not optimized for different languages, you are missing out on traffic and limiting your brand exposure. .

Here are some of the benefits of translating a site to other languages:

  1. International Brand Exposure
  2. Higher Market Share and Profitability
  3. Makes Broader Reach Possible
  4. One of the cost-effective ways to gain more traffic for your site.

WordPress Site Translation Using WPML – What Is It?

Did you know that the US isn’t the country that uses the internet the most? China and India are actually the countries with the highest internet users according to a research made by Internet Statistics.

For the longest time the English language has dominated the internet. But considering the multilingual trend in the internet now, business owners should work towards addressing their global audiences to boost their exposure and ultimately increase their profits. Having a multilingual website is also one of the most efficient ways to gather more traffic for your site and stay ahead in the sea of competition over the web.

A powerful WordPress plug-in, WPML or WordPress Multilingual Plug-in helps website owners run a multi-language site. One of today’s most popular multilingual plugin, WPML has become rapidly known among site owners, thanks to a multitude of advantages this plug-in has to offer.

The following are some of the advantages of using WPML for your WordPress site language translation:

Advantages of WordPress Site Translated Using WPML

  • Easy Installation for an Impressive Number of Languages

    WPML comes with more than 40 languages. Installing it doesn’t require complex coding skills as it is relatively easy to install and you can start translation immediately once you’re done with the plugin configuration

  • Complete Support for your multi-language E-Commerce site

    Want to expand your business to cater to your international customers? WPML will do all the hard work for translating your WooCommerce shop.

  • Hassle-free theme and plug-in texts Translation System

    WPML allows you to directly translate the texts in Admin screens, themes and other plugins straight from the String Translation Interface.

  • Powerful Multilingual Translation Management

    WPML is a premium plugin that knows how to get the job done. It comes with a dependable translation management equipped with all the features and interfaces for a multilingual CMS.

  • Cost-effective Professional Language Transition

    As in almost all things, quality comes with a price. Although WPML is not free, you’ll be surprised by its reasonable price considering the features and powerful translation services you can benefit from.

  • Compatible with most WordPress Themes

    WPML works smoothly with most, if not almost all, WordPress themes. It can work efficiently with WordPress API functions without you needing to do anything special.

  • Reliable Support

    The WPML support team that caters to 9 multiple languages offers support six days a week. So, if you have questions and concerns you’ll have a reliable support to turn to.